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short story slam week 58, zhen yali, yu cuishan, guying, ivan yuan, and isabella yuan, lichi lin, jiahong wu

short story slam week 58, zhen yali, yu cuishan, guying,
ivan yuan, and isabella yuan, lichi lin, jiahong wu

a story could be complete
unless we include the real families

so, Livhi Lin performed Bo Tingting,
Richard Sun under Chin Han seems Juanming Yuan

when Jerry Bona (Wen Jie) do math,
he includes Hongqiu Chen, Jiahong Wu, Juanming Yuan, and Qin Yan

many years ago,
things appear different when Juanming Yuan, and Livhi Lin are adopted under Liu Lili

Kong Honbing has a son,
He decides to escape to Beijing, becoming Li Hongtu

lately, Peng Pingzhi and Yuan Kong reside with Jiang Chang, a new unit,
while Li Hongtu (Beijing), or Kong Hongbing (Raochang), Ben Carson (Vermont) run for congress

a man has a desire
he only has one son, that is what he claims

so, how about Rao Shaohua?
He steals Peng Yanzhi, having a son Peng Zuo, and singing opera in CCTV as Yang Shaopeng,

when Zhang Hanyan becomes Fang Siying,
her daughter could not recognize her any more, but see as a Zhenxin primary school teacher

what is this all about?
we all are compelled to escape fate, then we have to face new troubles, and new joy

life is a paved sidewalk,
we keep walking, and never stop searching for inner satisfaction and external support.

my conclusion, I never regret what I decide,
I won't go back and I won't redo the programing, but keep expanding my versions

God bless Henryetta Wu, Cheryl Hillford, Jill Moreno Wilson, Gabe Mugroofsz,
God Bless Fredrick, Donald, Williams, Ivan, Sophie, Alison, Lindsay, John, and Benji

Image result for 庭院深深    Ou Ailin and Bo Peiwen
Image result for 庭院深深   Yu Cuishan and Bo Tingting

Image result for 庭院深深       Meng Ke and Mother in law
Image result for 庭院深深  Zhao Yongxin
 Image result for jiahong wu

Tom in Taiwan, with Taiwan Guoli University, Jingyi University, and Tunghia University faculty

Image result for jiahong wu   sheng Wu in New York Cornell University visit

Image result for jiahong wu 

sheng wu, Princeton Institute of advanced studies, 103 Einstein Drive

Image result for jiahong wu

Abbey Wood, Patti Johnson, Ji Yan, and Eric Wood at Tom Wu's graduation ceremony,
Mary Fallin, state capital, under Xifan Liu, Joe Kingery, Alan Moore, Carol Bennett, Frank Wang
 Image result for jiahong wu 
Image result for jiahong wu  Burns Hargis

Image result for jiahong wu  Tom Wu, Albert Cai, Philip Hwang, Tuzo Bmaruba,
Xu Bo, Xian Tang, Jingqiu Tang, Judy Wang, John Nguyen, Dan Little, Lori Webster,

Image result for jiahong wu 

Dale Alspach, David Wright, Robert Myers, and Alan Addophson
Image result for tom wu 
Image result for tom wu 
barack obama
Image result for short story slam  

Meredith Blecha Well

Image result for short story slam  

Donald Trump and Bie Aizhong
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Riika Infinity, Alex Wilson, Jingle Nozerla Yanqui, SIS, Jamie Dedes, Olivia, Uma, Annie,
Bill Cook, Tracy Harris, Dora, Life in a poem, Parth Josh, Leo, Roobin, Trisha, Wordwand, Ibok

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