Wednesday, June 15, 2016

short story slam week 46, the ducks from scotland and wisiconsin

short story slam week 46: escape

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Wisconsin and Miwalkee,
Iowa and Madison

Jayni Palmer and Cliff Palmer make romance
so do Tony Payne and Jamie Payne

a smile from Joe Poe is sweet,
a laughter from Pam Poe is funny

Jerry and Cari Ritchey make world history,
so do Ajoy and Sapna Raje

John and Tina Meier hoot a song,
Toby and DeeDee Lewis chip along

we do recall Qian Yu and Xiaohua Lu,
We do keep in mind of Dan Little and Linda Neal,

say, Mike and Keri Mathis join us,
so do Curtis and Nikki Luper, and Chris and Valerie Luckett

Scotland wishes
one way to reach Nomie Fuel at Bluebonnett is Save and Pick food shop