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ossm, state of oklahoma, mountain view, high tech from california, zhong guan cun, the transportation blood stream of technology

 Image result for ossm and tom wu bill clinton and barack obama

maybe you never meet zhu xiaofeng,
but you got to know wang jin, you jiangsheng,
and you shall praise michael dell

maybe you never meet barack obama,
yet, you wish to know the support rooted by the new yorker,
and think of Michele Robinson, Jeb bush, benny evans

certainly, you wish to know eric wood,
but the backyard is packed with weights from nachang, guangzhou,
announcing Fu Zhixiong, Tu Jun, Li Donghua, and Lu Xiaohua

at the end, Malia ends her high school this month,
sending Washington D. C to Paris, and to Peru, Page, Towaka, and Boston
remember Ma Yun, Li Hongbing, Zhou Kaiming, Hu Zhiwen

when days go hot, mind goes bore,
I connect to Meridian, Jiaozuo, Hong Kong, Incheon, Qingdao, Wuhan, and Shijingshan,
I think of Ma Bing, Cheng Yong, Rao Mingrong, and Wang Daxue

search from google tool box,
rewinding memory of yahoo, baidu, jimmy choo, apple, hp, dell, birkenstock, toms,
our feet curl inside a nutshell

many things change,
out there, Suo Feng, He Jinyuan, Zhou Huiju, Yan Ji, Wu Jiahong, Liu Xifan, Li Ruibo sing,
from now and then, Wang Min, Liu Ying, Gao Hongjian, Zhang Lei, and Guo Yin obtain

recall old navy and Jones Shirley, Wendy Leigh, and Judd Wynonna,
we still remain calm and nice, hello, Zhu Cao, Zhu Tao, Peng Danping, Zhou Ningning,
bless you, Meng Jianguo, Chen He, Zhang Hong, Zhu Daihong, Yu Bingyu

did not mean to offend amelia wilson and joyce gilbert,
do appreciate Jennifer Fletcher,  David Breman, Emily Claude, Julie Cohen, Sasha cohen,
a post ends with Judy Wang, Brian Lange, Hobart Louis, Yan Taoqing, Yan Aiqing, Fu Bixia

Seth Post gives people handouts near Bar educational center

 ossm faculty

 Tuzo's aunt and brother Michael

parents of ossm, 2016

state capital of oklahoma morning, 9am, 2016

tom lee wu and his friend, ossm 2016 graduates, walking pass abbey wood, a 2015ossm graduate

joseph kingery, tom lee wu, chris shrock sit at the end of the row, watching a sign language expert interpreting speeches made by a few faculty and studnets, ossm, 2016

lovely memory

sheng wu and his nu friend, posting durng McCormick school of engineering snack at lawn, June 21, 2014,

Ohio parents shake hands with Sheng Wu, and Ji Yan, including Jiahong Wu

Joe, Greg, Jordan, from Kansas, chatting with Sheng Wu, during 2014 Master Degree ceremony

Evanston food

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ryan field

Image result for ossm and chris wang  mary fallin and frank wang
Image result for ossm and chris wang

Image result for ossm and chris wang  richard yang, 2015 ossm graduate, attending OU
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Image result for ossm and chris wang  active students and encouraging frank wang
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Peng Chuanxian, Wang Min college

 Image result for chris wang      Chris Wang Yu Sheng actors

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Oklahoma History Center, Nazih Zuhdi


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A replica of Oklahoma aviator Wiley Post's Winnie Mae hangs in the atrium of the Oklahoma History Center.
The Oklahoma History Center is the history museum of the State of Oklahoma. Located across the street from the Governor's mansion at 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive in Oklahoma City, the museum opened in 2005 and is operated by the Oklahoma Historical Society. It preserves the history of Oklahoma from ancient Native American tribal nations to the present day.

Inasmuch Gallery

The Inasmuch Foundation Gallery is located on the south end of the first floor. The gallery explores the breadth of Oklahoma’s artistic achievements as well as the impact of an extremely diverse immigrant population. Visitors will enjoy a broad range of subjects, including our entertainment value as a land of Cowboys and Indians, our pioneering innovations in broadcasting, and the dramatic and unifying impact sports and sporting events have made on our communities.[citation needed]
The sections of the Inasmuch Foundation Gallery include: culture and the arts; cultural diversity; images of Oklahoma; sports; voice; radio and television; vacuum tubes; and Wild West shows. Additionally, this gallery houses rotating exhibits on cultural diversity and the arts.

ONEOK Gallery

The ONEOK Gallery is located on the north end of the first floor. Representing all 39 American Indian tribes currently associated with Oklahoma, the ONEOK Gallery offers visitors the opportunity to explore the traditional historic past of native peoples of Oklahoma as well as experience contemporary Indian cultures. Using modern-day Indian experience as a bridge between the past and the present, the exhibit offers artifacts, tribal music, photographic images, Indian art, and oral histories from the Indian tribes of Oklahoma.
The ONEOK Gallery topics include: dwellings; Indian lives; languages; living ways; origins; sovereignty; spirituality; and tribes.

Kerr-McGee Gallery

The Kerr-McGee Gallery is located on the south end of the third floor. The gallery offers a rich history of Oklahoma from our oil and gas exploration to our military contributions since the first expeditions by the Spanish in the 16th century. Visitors can enjoy numerous artifacts including items from an 1830s riverboat recently excavated from the Red River, examples of Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial history, and a 3-D reconstruction of an oil derrick.
The Kerr-McGee Gallery sections include: African American experience; business; military matters; natural resources; the oil and gas industry; people and pathways; and transportation.

Noble Foundation Gallery

The Noble Foundation Gallery is located on the north end of the third floor. Land runs and lotteries have played an enormous role in our development and settlement as a state. Through artifacts, images, and first-hand accounts of participants, visitors can relive the lives of those brave souls who settled our great plains and turned homesteads into farms and cities. It was their survival of and adaptation to the extremes of weather, economics, and politics that enabled them to create this magnificent state.
The Noble Foundation Gallery sections include: education; farming and ranching; fashions; government and politics; kitchens; the Dust Bowl; land runs; law and order; urban frontiers; and weather.

Special Exhibits

Rock & Roll Exhibit - In 2009, The Oklahoma History Center hosted "Another Hot Oklahoma Night: A Rock & Roll Exhibit", a title that comes from the lyrics of a song by Oklahoma-born musician Michael Been.[1] This exhibit explored the rock and roll artists, radio stations, personalities, venues, and fans that have called Oklahoma home. Beyond the facts of each story, the exhibit showed how growing up in Oklahoma affected the music. These were displayed in an innovative style to encourage visitor participation and to ensure that the visitor would take away a new perspective on the history of rock and roll in Oklahoma. The exhibit was located in the E. L. & Thelma Gaylord Gallery on the extreme north end of the first floor. Additional exhibit components were located in the Inasmuch Foundation, Noble Foundation, and Kerr-McGee Galleries. This exhibit closed in 2011.
Tierra De Mi Familia - On November 22, 2008, the Oklahoma History Center opened a museum exhibit sharing the Latino experience in Oklahoma. The interactive exhibit used interviews, artifacts, documents, photographs, film, and music to explore both the impact of Latinos on the state of Oklahoma and the impact of the state of Oklahoma on the lives of Latinos. The exhibit integrated two story lines; the historical immigration of Latinos to Oklahoma, from territorial days to present, and the cultural folkways that Oklahoma’s Latino people have brought with them from Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.
Oklahoma is home to cultures from all over the world, a unique blend of people that call Oklahoma their home. This exhibit provided a place to tell these immigration stories, a place to share and begin to understand and learn about the diversity of the state of Oklahoma. This exhibit closed in 2012.
Oklahoma's Apollo 11 Moon Rock and Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock- Rose Niang-Casey, a graduate student at the University of Phoenix, and a participant in the “Moon Rock Project”, was assigned the task of hunting down the Oklahoma Apollo 11 Moon rock and Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock; two moon rocks the Nixon Administration gifted to the people of Oklahoma. In both cases she discerned these moon rocks were properly on display at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She advised this is an exception to the rule, as most of these unique gifts that were given to the states and nations of the world have been poorly handled over the years.[2]

Special Events

Oklahoma State Level History Day Competition- Each year, the Oklahoma History Center hosts the 2nd stage of a 3-stage (district, state, and national) competition called National History Day. National History Day is a competition where middle school and high school students create projects about certain events in history. Students can enter documentaries, historical papers, websites, exhibit boards, or performances on a topic that the students choose that relate to each year's theme. Students' projects are judged and advance to the National competition if they place 1st or 2nd in their category. For more information on Oklahoma's State Level Competition, visit

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poetry rally week 83, some yig /yag from YMCA and their creativity

A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016 

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Homes from Thomas are green
UC Davis from California state is pale

the water at Pacific Ocean is blue,
brick mailbox from Stan Barton is hazel red

during 2007 to 2010, Stillwater High School and Junior high look great,
state Conferences and lawful arguments appear nice

when we dig out the handbook by Brad Henry,
we have so much fun recording some law makers

Taylor Roberts, Norman High School senior 2010,
Kaitlyn Bush, Elisha Harris, Steven Mandt, Moore High School computer administartive

Taner Davis, Savannah Melton, Skye Shackleford, Alex Schoeneman, they video tape staff,
Logann Wilson, Jennifer Nunez, Jzma Hajiyani, Leslie O'Connor, they from Capital Hill, Southmoore

Morgan Struther, Kaci Shanahan, Aravind Ravi, Tyler Marin, Thongkham Peky, they news edit,
Jaleisa Grayson, Cara-Lou Johnson, Brooke Davis, Stephanie Phan, they write positive notes

Jessie High, Charissa Plank, Jordan Stine, Kyra Alekwara, what a burger visitors,
Andy Crawford, Jen Owens, Connie Fawcett, Owen Watts, Jay Adams, they handle criminal cases

John Benson and William Benson do fine at Altus,
Jim Wilcoxen, Julie Smith, Ralph Shortey, Stevephanie Schmidt, Patrick Day, Texas cowboys

our room is crowded,
we decide to quit and rest for a while,



things grow coat
when a sheep does admire a goat