Sunday, February 28, 2016

short story slam week 39, under the vail of hargis moon

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

cross the touchy dreams of misty bell
scarlet kiss threats enough vague spell

i have my fingures crossed
i group up fruits, vegetables, rice, meat to become food addicted

when you sit at the dining table, you see folks, spoons, napkins,
a woman's curious eyes under jenkins

near-sighted glasses
2016 orange dining mugs

neckties, wine bottles
tomatoes, french breads

mountain view, google computer mouse pads,
ripley bridge, morton road, ebay pixma 55 prnters

lettuce, pickles, winter melon,
broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber vines

navel oranges, kiwi slices, honeydew,
fuji apples, banana muffins, strawberries

a plate of rice, chicken meat, curry goat, misty pears
a visit to Seattle, hargis moon stares, flying spaceships

Wordle 240



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S.E.Ingraham said...

A wonderful way to combine prompts - very entertaining.

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