Tuesday, December 15, 2015

people from Ponca city, Michigan, sherman, Arkansas

there are lots of people who rise,
and support...

due to our restricted view,
I place these products
or names in,

so that the roster club
grows like snow flakes,
and they shine like pure diamond.

thanks to all of your folks who
spend time, wisdom, and money
to make Justin Wyuan a good guy in Paris.

Brian Levant
Chris Columbus
James Forbes
William Bovee
James Atheayn Folger
Mark Radcliffe
Randy Komfield
Peter Folger
Abigail Folger
Henry Clay Folger
Jingle Cats Music
Steven Douglas
George Leonard Carlson
Joe Johnston
Rob Cort
William Teitler
Scott Kroopf
Gregory Taylor
Jonathan Hensleigh
Jim Strain
Chris Van Allburg
James Homer


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And these people worth millions of gratitude words! I'd like join to the appraisals as well and wish that we had more volunteers!