Wednesday, June 3, 2015

shel silverman and los angeles' book soup shop

too early to connect to Dallas,
too late to cancel the Tongji trip,
we get on the web and find out Shel Silverman at Book Soup Shop.
A frog leap, we hear Lax broadcast weep,
The pineapple food is good,
Tom Bradley and Jamie Henry tun Turish airlines at Westwood.
Kathrine has gate  8 and 4, Babington,
Sherri has gate 27 and 47, Evanston,
Cynthia has tickets switched to 16A, Owenston,
Claudia has cameras recharged near 21B, Queenston.
Jiahong, Annie, and Tobupa ride Peak Tram, Honiton,
Bank of China at Hong Kong, or Hang Seng Bank cshes for MUJi customers,
jill Biden and Joe Henry Biden get into hideout at Washington,
Glad that Vincent Ryan comes home from Sheung Wan Bay.
Although there are abundant food samples at Hong Kong TV,
We also see firefighters, scientists, artists, and writers interviewed at Broadway,
Macau people won't resist Venetian resorts, or Galaxy casinos,
Visitors to those may always echo the fancy in their forceful way.
peaceful parade,
peaceful visits,
peaceful discussion and benefits,
yes, a good read leads to a good mood of the day.