Sunday, April 26, 2015

orange juice

nothing is better
than a cup of pure orange juice
that is natural and vitamin C rich.
to stay clean and fit,
nourish oranges and orange juice
the sunshine to mother earth.

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kevin ogle news forecast

Texas Roadhouse
Olive Garden
Panda Express
Jack in the Box.
Hot news steam from everywhere,
Thomas Manning and Shanda McKenney refuse to file documents to Glare,
While biases, rumors, disagreements fulfill the air,
Kevin Ogle sweet news forcast hits NY times square.
Melissa Long has adventure at Omaha,
Larry Gosney from Statefarm knows Obama,
Morty Schapiro tries to help Sheng Noel,
Elizabeth Oglesby feels fine with James Philip.
Yesterday is Sunny,
Today is Windy,
Jun Tu and Feng Qun E want to be kind,
Reign sikes and Anthony Marc stay at Lawton Giant.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

brevity's blueberry muffins

in addition to banana muffins,
Brevity bakes blueberry muffins too,
besides chocolate chips cookies,
Brevity also does vanilla white cupcakes.
berries are not cheeries,
berries are siblings to kitty perry,
blueberry is such fine food item,
the blueberry farmer barely has blues.
there is no berry garden at Berry Creek,
their is no cherry  trees at Perry County,
blueberry muffins are composed by Brevity and Alike,
blueberry juice is squeezed by Coca Cola expert and such worldwide.
a tiny dot ball,
a blueberry holds some fruit theory in Scott Hall,
a beautiful soul,
Blueberry salad with Ranch dressing serves people well.

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