Thursday, December 31, 2015

shotry sotry slam week 36: new year's novel thoughts

piggy bank,
a cow's soft meow,
doggy box,
a mouse's sharp squeak,
frosty's broom,
a winter's animation,
chicago bulls
the 1993 basket ball legacy  

my childhood sppent in Peking,
with brown bear hat warming in my head,
my toddler time spent in Chicago,
with snow white fairy tale cartoon in my mind,
my infant years from Austin,
with purple sweaters and free pecans in my stuffing,
my preschool days from Stillwater,
with Princeton Easter eggs hunting

teenagers years come without invitation,
my memory art work sails in unexpected notification,
Tyrek, Frank, Ceclestra, Patricia, Deborah, Theresa,
Church's chicken fill my tummy,
Amanda, Richard, Neel, Trenton, Timothy, Hannah, 
Red Loobster meals fulfill my hunger,
Jill, Tom, Chase, Sofina, Cathy, Alen, Marieke, Mila,
Dot Wo matches with Papa Murphy pizza

Shanghai, Tianjin, Nangjin, Jinan, Wuhan,
Beijing, Jiaozuo, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, 
Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Luohu, Louwu,
El Paso, San Marcos, Crop Christie, Fort Worth,
Dallas, Austin, Scranton, New York, Philadelphia,
asia mixes with north america
chopsticks hop around spoons and folks

show and tell give my childhood joy
monkeys, ox, cocks, goats, dragons, horses, etc. animals lighten our days

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

people from Ponca city, Michigan, sherman, Arkansas

there are lots of people who rise,
and support...

due to our restricted view,
I place these products
or names in,

so that the roster club
grows like snow flakes,
and they shine like pure diamond.

thanks to all of your folks who
spend time, wisdom, and money
to make Justin Wyuan a good guy in Paris.

Brian Levant
Chris Columbus
James Forbes
William Bovee
James Atheayn Folger
Mark Radcliffe
Randy Komfield
Peter Folger
Abigail Folger
Henry Clay Folger
Jingle Cats Music
Steven Douglas
George Leonard Carlson
Joe Johnston
Rob Cort
William Teitler
Scott Kroopf
Gregory Taylor
Jonathan Hensleigh
Jim Strain
Chris Van Allburg
James Homer

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Troiku and Jeopardy Game Reflections: Happy Music Making!

Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments 

the younger generations do talent show
as Camelya prays from thousands miles away
and Scott Stooding exams a rooster of string players

the younger generations do talent show
challenge they, you, and we culture
from Jupiter planet

As Camelya prays from thousands miles away
quails swim under the current
--fishing for an eel

Scott Stooding exams a rooster of string players
Christy Fine worries about Arron Fine
Yet Westmore music team wins

Shadowy sign 

 Image result for shadow sign
Image result for shadow sign
Six Word Saturday 

 My Saturday Flies Jeopardy Merv Griffin

Carpe Diem Special #185 Georgia's first "Autumn Reflections" (Troiku)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

let the kindness speak, god bless!


voice of poets, door to door trick or treat,
photos of weeds, adding smell to sighting gale,
alison's grade, Jill's seaweed,
sophia's plate, Alissa's birdfeed---
for the sake of charming amelia and luncinda,
sparks of hope fly high south west,
ready, set, go, here and there,
beautiful looks from emily and abbey shine, everywhere

Let The Kindness Speak, God Bless!

Image result for american flags

Old Glory 

Show My Face Six Word Saturday

 Image result for black and white patterns
 Image result for black and white patterns

  My Memory Art


A Mouse Has Eaten My House


Monday, November 9, 2015

short story slam week 32, and Sunday Whirligig 32

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Geometric shadows

 Darkness [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]\

 geometric shadows,
striped fears

slim win cup
wrists of expulsion

shining kitchen counter
miracle, happiness, and dreams matter

people, pride, and quality count,
no despair emotion to LuGreg Trucking

mysterious swagger,
a logan county courier

Buggs Radiator,
It pleases plumber to Ken Ewer, Darren, Joshua, David, and

Vinyl Shapirol
Sharon Roberts 
Doug Walker
Kathryn Castle
Larry Gosney

Whirligig 32


 photo 4c0636b8-6d21-41fe-9ced-a2a1e5195d76_zpsu5klyirc.jpg

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the sequences of october events

october appelfest
at sunrise

end of warm emotion
by dawn

the date Englishman arrives
by ships

a sweet note to peer lords
who do fine

retired soldiers who

 Image result for october events

 Image result for october events

Image result for october events

autumn colors


open arms


in poetic lines


down happiness stitch


by keystone dam

 Image result for october events
Image result for october events

Monday, September 28, 2015

the ossm routine

besides emily, john,
frank and judy roll around bricktown,
they assume things to burlington,
they tightens up their tie to San Diego Chinatown

joe, tina, abbey, steve, and tom,
they park their cars around ossm,
they study history, and learn about boston,
people believe that black pather age is about Disadvantage

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Liu Yan (actress)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ada Liu
Native name 柳岩
Born November 8, 1980 (age 34)
Hengyang, Hunan
Alma mater Hunan Normal University
Communication University of China
Occupation Actress, hostess, singer
Years active 1999 - present
Agent Enlight Media
Notable work Mural
Marrying Mr. Perfect
The Legend of Yang Guifei
Television Guangdong Television
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Liu.
Liu Yan
Traditional Chinese 柳巖
Simplified Chinese 柳岩
Liu Yan (born 8 November 1980), also known as Ada Liu, is a Chinese actress, hostess and singer.[1][2][3][4] She won the "Best New Artist" at the 2nd[clarification needed] Top Chinese Music Awards and the "Best Promising Host" at the 3rd Zongyi Award, in 2010 the Most Influencing Host of China named she on their list of the 10 Greatest hosts in Television.
Liu is noted for her roles as Dai Yiyi and Jiajia in Badges of Fury (2013) and The Incredible Truth (2013) respectively.


Early life

Liu was born in Hengyang, Hunan on November 8, 1980, with her ancestral home in Wuhu, Anhui, she was raised in Guangzhou, Guangdong, she is the youngest of two children, she has an elder brother.[1]
Liu became the student in charge of entertainment in her class when she was a pupil. Liu enrolled at Hunan Normal University, earning a bachelor's degree in Chinese literature.[5]

Hosting career

Liu joined Guangdong Television to host television in 1999, at the same year, she entered Communication University of China.[6]
In March 2000, Liu hosted Financial Report and Green News in Southern Television Guangdong. From 2001 to 2002, she hosted Walking in Guangzhou.
In November 2002, Liu joined Hunan Public Channel and hosted Public News.
In 2004, Liu returned to Guangzhou, he hosted Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Guangdong Television.
In December 2005, Liu joined Enlight Media.

Acting career

Liu had her first experience in front of the camera in 2008, and she was chosen to act as a support actor in Painted Skin, a film starring Zhao Wei, Chen Kun and Zhou Xun.
In 2009, Liu acted in the historical television series The Legend of Yang Guifei directed by You Xiaogang, playing the role of Empress Zhang.
Liu had a minor role as Yun Mei in Mural (2011), which starred Deng Chao as Zhu Xiaolian, it were highly praised by audience. She also played minor role in Love Keeps Going, a romantic comedy television series starring Mike He and Cyndi Wang.
In 2012, Liu acted with Tang Guoqiang and Zhang Zhiyao in the historical television series Full Moon Scimitar, which adapted from Taiwanese novelist Gu Long's wuxia novel of the same title. She participated in Wong Jing's affectional film Marry Mr.Prefect, which starring Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung.
In 2013, Liu filmed in The Four 2, a wuxia film starring Liu Yifei, Wu Xiubo and Dengchao. After playing minor roles in various films and television series, Liu received her leading role in Badges of Fury and The Incredible Truth, it enjoyed the highest ratings in China and she quickly rose to prominence.



  • Yanse (《岩色》), Ada Liu's debut studio album, it was released on November 2, 2009.
  • Mr. Perfect(Official Male Version of the god) (《男神 官方版》) Released October 26, 2014[7]

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pan Changjiang


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pan Changjiang
Native name 潘长江
Born 1957 (age 57–58)
Dongning County, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang
Residence Beijing
Education Pingju Troupe of Tieling County
Occupation Comedy actor, singer, host
Years active 1982 - present
Notable work Hands Up!
Adventure of the King
Track Aduowan
Spouse(s) Yang Yun (m. 1981)
Children Daughter: Pan Yang
Parent(s) Pan Linsheng
Wang Jingping
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Pan.
Pan Changjiang
Traditional Chinese 潘長江
Simplified Chinese 潘长江
Pan Changjiang (born July 1957) is a Chinese skit actor, sitcom actor, and recently turned TV director. In his early years, he appeared regularly in the CCTV New Year's Gala.[1]



Pan was born in a family of actors in Dongning County, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, the son of Wang Jingping (Chinese: 王晶平), and Pan Linsheng (Chinese: 潘林生).[2]
In 1979, Pan was accepted to the Pingju Troupe of Tieling County, where he majored in acting.[2]

Personal life

On August 31, 1981, Pan married civil servant Yang Yun (Chinese: 杨云) in Dongning County, their daughter, Pan Yang (Chinese: 潘阳), was born in 1985.[3]