Saturday, April 5, 2014

OCU, OU, OSU, and OYO: Music, Sports, and Books, Solutions to Life's Obersity

75 miles drive to oyo program at OCU, OKC,
where groups of orchestra students do their musical plays,
An desired instrument for each one,
Beautiful campus, Hallmark and Good Will stores.

Tropic of Orange is a book by Karen Tei Yamashita,
Life on Mars is written by Tracy K. Smith,
Bad Things Happen has Harry Dolan as its author,
Sherryl Woods is weaved by Angel Mine,
The Revenge or Samuel Stokes By Penelope Lively...

Chicken soup for the soul at work is one of the new york times
best selling series books, the writers are world famous:
Alex Haley, Beverly Sills, Dave Thomas, Scott Adams, Tim Clauss, Tom Chappell,
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Maida Rogerson, Liz Camden, Roy Smith,  Martin Rutte,
reading a book is a walking length of a mile, one of the healthy habits.

Watching college football and basketball games is also divine,
Remember Robert, Krista, Tippett, Hale, Marks, Travis, Glenn, Sherman, Curt, Ford, Mike,
Don't gossip about Butch, Burns, Pierre, Holder, Gundy, Bob, Rod, Gary, Russ, or Moore,
Morning coffee, noon nap, afternoon tea, and night time reading or music,
Everything shall be brewed and stirred well like the solid musical stand.

Mondays are musical time,
Tuesdays are young democratic time,
Wednesdays are piano key board time,
Thursdays are Cello lesson time,
Fridays are read to soulful feed time,
Saturdays are friendship and game time,
Sundays are church and prayers time...

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Matt OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow said...

we do need to fulfill our daily time with music, books, and sports activities.