Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food is go for the poor! By Mingfa Shelvakumar Wang

Food is god
for poor people...!

God is not
Only food...

Rich home
Dog is eat

Nice food...
That food is god...?

yes that also
A god...

Good food is

What is good food...?
Given good health

Always good food...

Non veg
Or veg...

Every good food
Is god...

Simply sit
Silentely eat food

With out hot
And cool drinks...

Food is not only
Poor's god...

With each and
Every one also

food is god...
Give respect and

Take food...
Happley too try too

Thank for god...! 

 Morton = Mo Er Den, Salt =Yan, Google =Gu Ge

Cat =Mao, guge.ji

Friday, April 5, 2013

Only $9.95

I bought red sunglasses at the grocery store today.
They showed me a crimson-tinted world;
I liked it better all strawberry-smeared.
As though I had eaten a cherry Popsicle
and licked the sky;
or dropped my watermelon lolli into the lake--
thrown the clouds into my wash with that one rogue sock,
turning them a searing shade of magenta.
I swam in a sea of ruby textures.

Happiness sold in stores.
Only $9.95.