Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cherish Air, Food, Water, and Trees!

 People out there won't stop differentiating stuff,
Biases play a role,
Do you see the whole picture?
we breathe, the air,
in and out,
take what our body need,
and omit the waste at the same time
in the same space,
for fitness reasons,
But air itself is both helpful and harmful,
it hurts you
when you choose to live in a small room
without opening your window,
Air is 100% fair
to everyone on earth,
and free to all of us!
Food is what we eat,
Rice is grain crop,
Bakery is also grain crop,
Both are good for you,
so like it or not,
No one can get ride of food,
the way we need it
is the same we need air, water, or poetry.
poetry is life,
words fly out of your mouth
in air, or under your pen,
they make senses,
and have power,
It doesn't matter
how professional or raw your skills are!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Orange © Jeff Opperman (Weekend Humor)

Now see the beautiful sunset ore the ocean blue
Fiery colors due abound of poems there are a few
I wish that I could write one, about that perfect hue
But nothing rhymes with Orange

Orchards stretch for miles, they never seem to stop
There nectar baring fruit is one that’s hard to top
A fruit that justifies a sonnet, but might as well be rock
But nothing rhymes with Orange

How do I describe a basketball?
Or the bricks within my garden wall
The autumn leaves before they fall
But nothing rhymes with Orange

So the hardest line you’ll ever write
One to keep you up all night
So please tell if you might
What the hell rhymes with ORANGE?

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Is A Cruel Company (In My Own Words)

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Like soap in the bathtub,
time slips and wears out on daily basis,
What to expect,
What to achieve;
What to wear,
What to cook;
There is a routine to follow
and also some odds to beat,
At times, I feel helpless on time and space,
I wish to stop spending too much time complaining,
and save it for better usage,
yet time is a stubborn company,
it simply rolls
without caring how, what, when, or why
it must go and let behind the past.