Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Kink and I (Sunday Prompts)


I have a kitty cat that kinks,
Emotional reaction kicks and winks,
This I confess is confusing,
None is sure where it is leading,
Rats roam the street in distance,
Men drank, falter, and wince,
The call to kink and kill is strong,
Responsibility seems a compass to correct the wrong,
Goose bumps, red lumps,
oil lamps, shivering swamps,
The kitty makes its way to victory,
Which is enough for a whole story.
When the places go neat after,
All citizens roll with thrilling laughter.

image Credit:, the new york times, at msn


George Lincoln said...

incredible victory to Michael.

Kate said...

Swimmers have done a great job.

Kris said...

Get those rats!