Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hui'Qing Wu, The One Who Gives Red String To Ji and Jiahong Is Amazingly Awesome!

Hui'Qing Wu is Jiahong Wu's relative or uncle,
Whose name appears as cousin brother to Ji's father-in-Law Shu'Qing Wu, 
Furthermore,  one of Ji's aunt Yanzi Peng married to Hui'Qing Wu,
Another relative of Ji called Ping"Zi Peng married to Kong, 
Which related to jiahong's mother's family  by name...
Ji wishes to say thank you to Hui'Qing Wu and the whole family,
He was the one who wrote a letter to Ji 
and told Ji about Jiahong's mail address at Peking  University,
Which enabled Ji  to wrote to Jiahong, and then met him in person,
Plus, Uncle Hui'Qing provided a family room for Ji and her friend Mei'Lin Yang
during 1982 to 1983, while Ji or Hui tried to make it to high School,
at that time, only 15 to 20% of the students made it to High School,
Which was 15 miles away at Tian'Men county....
Although Ji refused to eat their food or make noises to bother the family,
which consists of a grandmother, two boys, two daughters, and a loving couple,
but Ji was and is grateful for their homely and free support...
How sad that she never found the chance to formally appreciate anything,
But here, please take good care,
your kindness is valued and remembered...
blessings, you are a valuable relative to The Wu's and the Peng's...

 Image Credit: Google.com, HuiQing Wu, CCTV Channel 11 The Opera Joy...

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