Sunday, January 13, 2019

short story slam week 106

s story comes in
it is because we have done poems
s story is born
because we try to compose proses

xun lu and zhimo xu
jingle yan and annapolis montuwa
they all write some poems
they also write some stories

happy 9th birthday to poets rally (week 89)
January 14, 2019,
which is a good day to remember
same day on january 14, 2010, we begin to run poems writing as a group

Image result for thursday poets rally 

Image result for thursday poets rally  
Image result for thursday poets rally  a wordpress blog for freedom, keep jingle laughing
by a free blogging erercise ...thanks

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

poetry picnic week 48

Loose Change

I turned over a new leaf
Which was attached to a branch
Linked to a trunk
Rooted in the ground
The cold dark earth
The warm light earth
Where used to reside the roots
Linked to a trunk
Attached to a branch
That held a leaf
Which turned me under

When you don't know
where your story's going
because you don't know where
your life is going.....

Friday, November 30, 2018

short story slam week 103, poetry and story inn fridays week 34

Image result for daly city apartment

Daly city, 95 Hill street, CA 94014
we have fun looking around,
do consider visiting Daly city, California this winter

Image result for tongji university at shanghai marx institute  
James P. Warfield, he supports english leanrers from
Tongji University, Shanghai

ZheJiang University, a place for advanced chemistry and research

sometimes, we depend on friends oversea,
thus, we vaue some support,
also may have good folks invite, support back
Thanks for the web viewing...

traveling is great
Xiang Xuan and more
Bo Xu and Yeping Li
Tara Robinson and Leigha Layton
they line up to write Chinese stories

Xi Mingze,
she is nice in Perry
A. B. Thomas, he seems okay
when Jamie Dedes and Yao Yao agree
Yuan Peng joins Tom L. Wu and sit...