Saturday, December 10, 2016

short story slam week 58, zhen yali, yu cuishan, guying, ivan yuan, and isabella yuan, lichi lin, jiahong wu

short story slam week 58, zhen yali, yu cuishan, guying,
ivan yuan, and isabella yuan, lichi lin, jiahong wu

a story could be complete
unless we include the real families

so, Livhi Lin performed Bo Tingting,
Richard Sun under Chin Han seems Juanming Yuan

when Jerry Bona (Wen Jie) do math,
he includes Hongqiu Chen, Jiahong Wu, Juanming Yuan, and Qin Yan

many years ago,
things appear different when Juanming Yuan, and Livhi Lin are adopted under Liu Lili

Kong Honbing has a son,
He decides to escape to Beijing, becoming Li Hongtu

lately, Peng Pingzhi and Yuan Kong reside with Jiang Chang, a new unit,
while Li Hongtu (Beijing), or Kong Hongbing (Raochang), Ben Carson (Vermont) run for congress

a man has a desire
he only has one son, that is what he claims

so, how about Rao Shaohua?
He steals Peng Yanzhi, having a son Peng Zuo, and singing opera in CCTV as Yang Shaopeng,

when Zhang Hanyan becomes Fang Siying,
her daughter could not recognize her any more, but see as a Zhenxin primary school teacher

what is this all about?
we all are compelled to escape fate, then we have to face new troubles, and new joy

life is a paved sidewalk,
we keep walking, and never stop searching for inner satisfaction and external support.

my conclusion, I never regret what I decide,
I won't go back and I won't redo the programing, but keep expanding my versions

God bless Henryetta Wu, Cheryl Hillford, Jill Moreno Wilson, Gabe Mugroofsz,
God Bless Fredrick, Donald, Williams, Ivan, Sophie, Alison, Lindsay, John, and Benji

Image result for 庭院深深    Ou Ailin and Bo Peiwen
Image result for 庭院深深   Yu Cuishan and Bo Tingting

Image result for 庭院深深       Meng Ke and Mother in law
Image result for 庭院深深  Zhao Yongxin
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Tom in Taiwan, with Taiwan Guoli University, Jingyi University, and Tunghia University faculty

Image result for jiahong wu   sheng Wu in New York Cornell University visit

Image result for jiahong wu 

sheng wu, Princeton Institute of advanced studies, 103 Einstein Drive

Image result for jiahong wu

Abbey Wood, Patti Johnson, Ji Yan, and Eric Wood at Tom Wu's graduation ceremony,
Mary Fallin, state capital, under Xifan Liu, Joe Kingery, Alan Moore, Carol Bennett, Frank Wang
 Image result for jiahong wu 
Image result for jiahong wu  Burns Hargis

Image result for jiahong wu  Tom Wu, Albert Cai, Philip Hwang, Tuzo Bmaruba,
Xu Bo, Xian Tang, Jingqiu Tang, Judy Wang, John Nguyen, Dan Little, Lori Webster,

Image result for jiahong wu 

Dale Alspach, David Wright, Robert Myers, and Alan Addophson
Image result for tom wu 
Image result for tom wu 
barack obama
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Meredith Blecha Well

Image result for short story slam  

Donald Trump and Bie Aizhong
Image result for thursday poets rally 
Riika Infinity, Alex Wilson, Jingle Nozerla Yanqui, SIS, Jamie Dedes, Olivia, Uma, Annie,
Bill Cook, Tracy Harris, Dora, Life in a poem, Parth Josh, Leo, Roobin, Trisha, Wordwand, Ibok

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

short story slam week 57, thanksgiving steinway

Flash market, Fayetteville,
Van Buren, AR,
Citgo fuel stop, Megan Barry, Bruce Barry, Thomse Perez

whole foods market
Green Hills GHL
Nashiville, TN, next to West Elm

Charles Chicken Grill
Stillwater, OK
sixth with Sprouts Market in it

Goozy, Microsoft, Apple, Ebar, Norstrom,
Abbott Martin road
Nashiville, TN

Great Wall food,
Dillard and Macy's,
Perry, Katy Perry, Bill Haslam,

Salisaw, OK, Chelsea Kim,
Vian, OK  Ryan Kim

Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich
Nakeltrain,  Joe Train
Memphis, TN

Love's stop fuel
Guthrie, OK
Tom and Judy Love

Shell, SinClair, Philip66,
Forrest City, Arkansas
Krystal, Christina, Mary, John, Wooster, Muriel

Stop and Save
Waffler House T-bone steak
Broken Arrow, OK

Starbucks Coffee
Bombay Indian Buffet
Ryam musical, Joe's Rach Shack, Little B's chick, Samrufz Hillford home

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Image result for waffle house 

Image result for whole food market 
Image result for courtyard hotel 

Image result for memphis     

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

short story slam week 55, Sunday Whirligig, Six Word Saturday, and Ruby Tuesday

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Image result for quincy street quality inn

Image result for quincy street quality inn   

Mark Stodola, Kevin Settle, Tracy Pennatz, Amber Jones, Heather James, and Sherri Gard
have never predicted something weird to be happening, nor do Asa Hutchinson, Greg Abbott,
Steve Adler, john Hamilton, Mike Mcrobbie, Michael Pence, Curt Sharp, and Jen Ferguson
have thought of how to make a case against election confusions

Katherine Hauth has the rumor, words grow legs, rumor does hurt by having people hearing them

insectivores, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, they come together to gossip about 2016,
November 8 election, who wins? Hillary Clinton awaits, who gives the presidential speeches,
Donal Trump? or Ted Cruz?

fans from usa have figured out some clues,  we do have anticipation of
Linda Jaco, Ann Hargis, Pam Fry, Hongyu Wang, and Shui E Feng sentiments

on Halloween night, a dozen girls dressed up and asked for Baby Ruth candy bars,
giving Joe Biden and John Kerry goose pumps when Larry Gosney, and Scott Leming
actually phraseed three pails of candies and took them to San FRancisco to share,
the time differences is two hours apart, when Orlando, Florida closes trick treating
at 10pm, Mountain View from California has time about 8pm, Honolulu, Hawaii,
is about 6pm, way to go for those candy lovers

lamb light, lattern shows, my feedback about this year scariest things are about election frights,
stage frights, Tim Kaine arguments, and Leah Henry, Laynie Henry, and Baylee Henry
wondering thoughts

sucks! Tom has stomach and green faced sickness, Abbey grows tired of sitting for visitors,
Lottie Jane Mabee and John Mabee join for a KatKit candy bar treat, William Fisher, Casey
Tucker, Vickie Hendrickson, and Hannah Upham feel good after chewing a small piece of
fruit candy from a stranger on Evanston street

Ripley, 102 Morton street, Shamrock fuel sell cheese sticks,
we all love the small pop cart, knowing spring passed, summer gone, winter ahead,
and fall present

Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and Sergey Brin won't always agree, nor does Jonathan Rosenberg,
Alan Eagle, Sheryl Sandburg, Mark Zuckerberg, Lucinda Page, and Priscilla Chan

anything else?
sometimes, we wish to simply sit, doing nothing...

thanks to Mary Block, Camillie Beredjick Sophia Bollag, Chuck Reed, Edward Lee,
Ken Hansen, Robert Noyce, Masrissa Mayer, and Jerry Brown

while heryetta and emily asleep, Alison, Amelia, Sophie, Bery, Anne, Benji Wojin, Samba,
Maybelle, Maxwell, Bruce, Megan, Jordan, Cheyenne, Katie, Evelyn, Sherry, Yuri, Sarah,
Bristol, Pippen, Jirtle, Ben, Andy, Kent, Oliver, Lisa, Austin, Joe, Steve, Mary, Sam, Ray,
Jay, Suri, Marielle, Sylvan, Meet, Zach, Mary, Christian, Christy, Kim, Dou Yu, and Dinae
they all image more about romance
and future unexpected events, both joyful and scary

Whirligig 83 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Eating Words" by Katherine Hauth: insectivores, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, lamb, feed, suck, chew, spring, anything, know, sometimes

Spooky Six Word Saturday #403 

 Nothing is more Frightening than Halloween

 Ruby Tuesday Too

 Image result for Red paper lantern